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*due to longer lengths requiring more product and service, please note price increases according to length

*Please make arrangements 10 - 14 days in advance if needing to purchase hair

*Salon does not discount for hair that is already washed. If you choose to wash on your own the price willl still be as posted


Hair Extension / Bonding


Bonded By Row  -  12.00

 Price is Per Row. Tracks that are bonded are only suggested to be worn up to 2 weeks. Tracks are glued between your own hair. 

***price is per row

27 piece weave  -  100.00

 short crop look with 27 piece wig. must bring own hair. Hair is called "27 piece". Hair is glued on to a cap. all cuts additonal


Full Head Bond  -  125.00 & up

Hair is glued onto a cap then styled. hair cutting is included. haircut additional


Extension Removal 8-15.00

Removal or bonded extensions or removal of single row tracks


Sew - In Weave

Free Install Consultation
 Free 15 min consultation to discuss style and options


Tighten Tracks  -  15.00

Tighten a few tracks that  are loose


Full Sew in/Small Leave Out up to 16 in - 185.00 & up

Section of clients own hair is left
(3 + Bundles additional $30 & up) 

Sewn By Row
 (Single Row)  -  25.00

Hair is added by row just for length or fullness.
*Double rows are recommend for thick hair so that it blends well
*Styling is additonal


Full Weave Synthetic Hair


Full Sew In/Small Leave Out
18 in  & Over  -  200 & up

 Section of clients own hair is left out
(3+ Bundles additional $30 & up)

Sewn By Row
(Double Row)  -  45.00

 Hair is added by row just for length or fullness.

*Styling is additional


Quick Sew In Weave
125.00 & up
Short Styles Only. short crop styles.



Weave Removal 30.00/hr

*May be extra charge if matted and needing excessive detangling

Detangling Treatment - 10.00

Hair is packed with conditioners and after sitting it is detangled before washing. Saves hair underneath weave/wigs that has been untreated and matted


Full Sew In With Net
*Last up to 4 months

Curly Weave Net -  175.00

*Last up to 4 months

*Cost of hair not included

Sew In up to 16in -  185.00

*Last up to 4 months

*Cost of hair not included

*No hair left out

Sew In 18in & Up 200.00

*Last up to 4 months

*Cost of hair not included

*No hair left out