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Renee's Changing Attitudes always values individuals with respect and all is treated in a consistent and professional manner at all times. This salon has a family environment where excellence prevails in everything. World Class Salon Experience!

- Val


I started as a customer of Renee's over 20 years ago. She is an amazing hairstylist and person. She is poised and very professional. She has changed more than my attitude...She has changed my life. Thank you my soul sister

- Cynthia


We I was diagnosis with scared alopecia almost 4 years ago , I search high and low for a hairstylist that could help me I came across Renee in a Google search and I had to go see her . Renee has made a huge difference in my daily when it comes to my hair and I really appreciate and a hairstylist she didn't make me feel uncomfortable about my situation and I'm thankful for that . If your looking for the best hairstylist in jersey that is very professional and guarantee that you will be satisfied go to Renee Changing attitudes ..... Thank you Renee 💇🏼💕

- MiMi


Renee is a super amazing talented hair specialist! She is is the mother of lace wigs and was the birth mother to my lace wig addiction. Her talent and skills are unmatched! There's never a time where I am not satisfied with her work! Plus she is a super amazing person and her work ethic is beyond recognizable! Her salon is always clean, which is a another big plus, and her schedule is accommodating. Her specialty is in everything, she literally is the Godmother of hair and everything lace!

- Yola


I have been dealing w Renee before she had her own salon. She worked at a salon on Watchung Ave in N. Plfd in the 90's and I still go to her ... I love the work she does n the conversation n laughs . Not to mention my daughter loves the doll house she made.. Keep up the good work Renee..

- Marilyn


One things for sure, Renee is The best wig and weave expert in the business. Been a very satisfied customer for over 6 years and counting.....

 - Ronisha


has done an absolute fabulous job on my sew in. I have been a client for well over 7 years now. You will have one on one private service time in a clean and home like environment. I love the look of the Salon it has a boutique type look. I would recommend Renee Changing Attitude to anyone because when you walk out the salon you will lift your head and feel like a New Woman!

- Jax


Whenever I go to Renees Changing Attitude my Attitude definitely Changes. Nobody can attach a Lace Wig like Renee and her stock of Human and Synthetic Wigs are Out of this world. Been going to her salon for over 12 Years. Renees Changing Attitude is the Truth.

 - Charlene


Thank you Renee my hairstylist Diva for being a great stylist. Renee is the best and very professional and she really makes a difference in her clients lives. I know she made a difference in my life...thanks again for being the best Renee and also being super talented.....

 - Latonya


Renee is the best hair/extension/lace wig specialist around. I have been blessed to been coming to her salon well over 15 Years. I have had every hairstyle I can think of and she makes it all happen every time. Sh e is the BEST around. Her work is exceptional, all of her products are amazing, she's very professional, & over all her customer satisfaction is 200%. Make sure you get a Renee service. If you haven't your missing out! Renee's Changing Attitudes and Lives 💕

 - Ki


Renee has growing hands...she's the best at everything she does.I always let her pick a style for me and I've always been satisfied!

 - Kimeshia G.


I love Renee. I appreciate her concern for my hair and love and attention she provides at any time. I'm so proud of you ... God is Good 

- Looch Lyon


I love your wigs only if you where in Washington DC. If you ever are look me up . I want to buy one on line but I don't know how to put them on. - Carlette Dove


Renee is a wonderful stylist I'm so glad I met her... I trust her & her expertise with hair.. 

 - Laurie Brittingham


Girl, u probably don't remember me patty from Elizabeth, with bookstore cause cause it's been a minute, we definitely have to reconnect, sudden web n came across your site, I will bin touch soon. Hope u still have me on file! C U Soon. 

- Patty Williams



- Carly


Awesome I will be coming in soon for one  

- Kirah


very nice im coming in soon........smiles n Blessings 

- Nicole Simmons


I can't believe it!!!! this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen. These females hair look so real! most people where im at in detroit, it's like they try to get their hair like this but, THEY CANT i have to know this secret! 

- Ciara


I am looking to purchase a lace wig as soon as i find something i like indian stright 1 B about 16in small. 

- Jacqueline Smith


Sending greetings all the way from Honolulu, HI. Keep doing your thing. See you when I come home to Jersey for a visit.

- Shavone Warren


Im maltese .wish we had someone like you here in malta. My fine hair made me loose all my self confidence and self esteem.i could'nt believe that those people are wearing wigs.terrific piece of work.wish you more success.

- Susan Formosa


Thank you for this website! You have alot of information on hair. I have lost the crown of my hair and currently scared to glue on any wigs, I wear lace fronts. I am looking for someone with the skills/services to calm my glue fears and try it, at least once. Thank God for a sista doin her thing to make other sistas confident and proud

- Traci Wheeler


Renee, you are the most talented individual I know with the personality of a gem (precious). Thank you for giving women the "Fierce" factor!!!! See you soon. 

- Crystal Stokes


Renee, I stopped by to say that I think you are an inspiration as a business owner..It is wonderful that you are successful and will remain successful...It is very hard for black women especially to make it in the game you have proven many wrong. Keep it up girl maybe you can do a wig for Wendy Williams lol you know she will let everyone know who did the wig and where to go get it..Stay blessed  

Karenelaine SoulAngel Davis


Keep up the great work. Miss you much

- Suzette

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