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Service Pricelist

All prices are base starting prices. Fees may be higher for longer hair due to additional product and time

Basic Services (No Weaves or Wigs)

Shampoo & Dry Only


Includes wash & instant conditioning and blow dry or if hair is being left curly hooded dryer is used instead

*no curling, or stylin

Shampoo Dry & Curl 50.00+

Includes wash & instant condition, blow dry & curl 

Shampoo Wrap & Curl 50.00+

Includes wash & instant conditioner, then hair is wrapped under hooded dryer

Roller Set - 50.00+

Includes wash & instant conditioner,then hair is set and placed under hooded dryer

Rod Set - 65.00+

Hair is set under dryer on curl rods or flex rods for up to hour depending on size of the rod

Silk Press - 85.00 +

Silk press are alternatives to hot combs. includes wash, stream conditioning treatment and blow dry and styling.High quality hydrating products are used to keep the hair silky  

Scrunches - 60.00+

Hair is molded in to style using styling gel

Crimps - 70.00

hair is parted into small sections then Crimped for wavy effect

Up Do /Fancy Hair added - 85.00

Fancy updo hair added with bonding glue up to 3 tracks

*must provide own hair

Braided Bun Updo / Hair Added - 65.00 & up

*must provide own hair

 Wand Curls - 70.00 & up

hair is parted into small sections then wand curled for wavy effect

Simple Bun - 65.00

Simple pin up bun/no hair added

Ponytail Updo - 65.00 & up

*Must Provide own hair

Up Do / Simple No Hair added - 55.00

Fancy Bun / Hair added - 85.00 & up

*must provide own hair

Refresh Service

Curl Only (Re Curl) - 25.00

Hair must be free of any build up or product. Hair must be clean or stylist has right to refuse service

Re-curl / Curling Wand - 40.00

Hair must be free of any build up or product. Hair must be clean or stylist has right to refuse service

Additonal Services

Hair Cuts

Hair Cut - 25.00

haircut is when the hair is clipped in a manner to achieve desired style

Trim - 15.00

Freshly trimmed hair is not only detramental in maintaining healthy hair but it also makes your style look more polished

Under Cut - 15.00

underside of hair is cut close with longer hair remaining on top

Shape Up - 5.00

outline of nape and sides definied with clippers

Bangs - 10.00

Conditioning Treatments

Steamer Conditioning Treatment - 25.00

Hair steaming is beneficial as the heat aids in hydrating dry hair. Leaving your parched tresses happy. The moist heat also encourages blood flow to circulate, promoting hair growth too! The steam lifts the hair cuticle allowing your treatments to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft helping to heal damaged hair.

Dandruff Treatment - 25.00

Although there is no cure for dandruff ,it can be minimized with a anti-dandruff shampoo. Your scalp will feel refreshed after receiving a "Scalp" treatment then soothing conditioner. and client is placed under a steamer for 20 minutes to aid in penetration.

(Treatment price is in addition to styling service) (*also relieves sour scalp smell) 

Hot Oil Treatment - 15.00

helpful to prevent damage to hair or to help reduce existing damage. Hot oil treatments are also great for moisturizing dry hair.

Relaxer Service

Virgin Relaxer - 50.00

Full chemical application from root to end to relax and straighten excessive new growth or virgin hair

Relaxer Touch Up - 25.00

Relaxer is applied to new growth only

*Relaxer price is in addition to service of choice

Halo - 15.00

Relaxer is only applied to edges to give a smoother appearance

*Relaxer price is in addition to service of choice

Texturizer Virgin - 50.00

Texturizer are applied to loosen the curl only slightly for added manageability. This process is also often chosen to give a "sleeker" look to hair without straightening it

*Price varies according to length

Texturizer Touch up - 30.00

New Growth is texturized only

Hair Color Service

Rinse - 25.00 & up

temporary hair coloring that coats the hair and only last several shampoos

*Price increases according to length

Rinse Halo - 15.00

Rinse applied to the perimeter of hair only

Semi Permanent Rinse - 30.00 & up

Clairol Radiance Color gloss Semi-Permanent Hair Color that is free of ammonia and keeps hair in shiny, healthy condition. Last 6-8 weeks

*Price increases according to length

Semi Permanent Halo - 18.00

Applied to Perimeter only

 Permanent Hair Color - 65.00 & up

Permanent color used to highlight or darken your hair. Single Process Color is permanent and will not wash out

*Price increases according to length

Permanent Color Halo - 25.00 & up

Color is added to perimeter only

*Price increases according to length

Single Process Highlights - 50.00 & up

One step method to brighten up your style with a few lighter pieces to provide contrast

*Price is in addition to service/styling

Double Process Highlights - 85.00 & up

Double Process hair color Streaks / ombre are applied to add contrast to the hair,2 or more color applications are used to lift

*price vary depending on request of color and length

*Price is in addition to servicestyling 

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